It’s what we are:
shocked to life
at maximum voltage,
rewired by experience
in negative anxiety
and positive joy,
a slow-leaking energy,

static in defeat

In short,
we complete the circuit
and are gone –
subatomic particles
in an ancient storm

44 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. I love this BB.
    Having spent my life studying this as a Physics, I have always thought in practical terms about electricity. It’s great to be given a poetic slant!


  2. That image is just so striking. The reds and the purples….WOWEEEEE. ZING. I love this bit so much – ‘subatomic particles
    in an ancient storm.’ FAB!!!

  3. Wow!

    Very nicely done…

    I came here because I was impressed with your comment on Jake’s Blog, Time After TIme,

    One from December 2011, where you state, and I will not straight quote in case I am off so consider it a paraphrase πŸ˜‰

    A Degree in World Peace – now that’s an idea Jake.

    I wanted to see the work of an individual that could come up with a suggestion like that!
    And I am not disappointed!

  4. Really interesting, Bluebee– let’s just forget ashes and dust, and skip right to and from the sub-atomic particles. πŸ˜‰

    Curious to know how those got into your thinking and/or experience. I read a mention about them in a macrobiotic book lately, and have been thinking about them a bit, in addition to some prior reading and thinking about them, though it’s not a central part of my education and experience (but is is of my husband’s).

    • Haha – yes, Elaine – oblivion.

      As to how it gets into my thinking – I am no scientist but am very interested in many aspects of science and think a lot about the constantly changing state of living things, entropy, how we start to break down physically as we get older in spite of our best efforts, what’s happening at CERN etc. It’s also not a part of my central education, just an interest.

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