Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Ready to march

Anzac Day Marchers - Perth, Australia - 2005

I took this photo in Perth a few years ago – people were getting ready to march in the annual ANZAC Day Parade and the beautiful girl in the centre of the photo turned and gave me the biggest smile as I was snapping away. She really shone out and I just love that platform shoe peeking out from under her traditional Vietnamese costume!

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

    • Thanks, VW – I love to photograph faces that are not in pose but unfortunately it’s not so easy to photograph people publicly these days, with all the ethical and privacy concerns

  1. Damn! I just wrote a lengthy comment and it got swallowed up by my cat’s paw hitting the keyboard.

    Love that you’ve presented this in black and white. and I love Áo DΓ is – I own three of them which I wish I could wear more often.

  2. love the photo, the smile, the traditional costumes and the shoes – we know you are a shoe person, bb, and hope to see you parading around in platforms before too long

    • Thanks, Monica πŸ™‚ I’m a bit past the platform stage now πŸ˜‰ particularly after the Morton’s neuroma saga, and will happily settle for being able to get back into the flat shoes in my cupboard – the few pairs of heels I have left are off to the charity bin

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