Act of God

Across this hopscotch land

strange days stretch out to sea,

where ancient forests stood,

now ails a lone pine tree,

spared from an Act of God,

not so children as they flee –

they are turned to ghosts

by what god, pray tell me?

31 thoughts on “Act of God

  1. I can hear so clearly the anguish in your heart BB.
    And so many more try to understand the logic in these disasters.
    How many people in all the years have asked the same.

    Most thoughtful, thank you.

  2. A question I have found myself asking…and I suspect other have posited the same question. Your deep emotions can be felt within the poem…peace be with you.

    • Thanks, Julie. The events in Japan last year have had unimaginable mental-health consequences for many of the survivors – many questions and no answers

  3. Geography not God is to blame! Great ending to this tragic poem. I don’t know how they can stand what has happened to them – too much for most humans to bear – it is good to acknowledge what happened through poetry.

    • Thanks, Gabe. I don’t know if you saw the doco the other night where they interviewed some of parents and friends of these children – it was terribly harrowing

  4. To lose the children. I don’t think I could stand such grief. You write with such sensitivity and compassion, Bluebee. And the tree. The tree. I could weep about it. This event is one of the saddest in recent history.

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