Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

shadow and light
of life

another’s eyes

makes us see anew
the heart and mind


A tour through light and shadow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the Art Gallery of NSW,  Sydney
the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  NYC


38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

    • Hi Cobbies – glad you enjoyed.
      The public is allowed to take pictures but only in certain sections and only without a flash. In the Art Gallery of NSW, for example, photographing the Aboriginal art is not permitted. Thx. Bb

    • Hi Julie. – I never received an email from you but did reply to your question from a few days ago on my ‘Taking a Break’ post

      Due to exhaustive research which led me to some minimally invasive treatment available in Melbourne (unavailable in Sydney…) (and the surgeon didn’t even mention it…) it looks like I am on the mend and will be able to avoid surgery, which is highly invasive (they cut out the nerve that runs underneath the metatarsal ligament and up between the toes), has a long recovery period (anecdotally, around 5 months ) and can possibly lead to ongoing pain and permanent disabiity. So I am feeling a lot more positive about the prognosis.

      I’ve had the radiofrequency denervation treatment in my left foot and will go back next month for the right beore the Morton’s neuroma there gets too big. The neuroma in my left foot was quite large, so I might need another blast to totally desensitise it, but the foot is already so much better and I’m walking in open shoes now without any pain, – will attempt closed shoes when the 4-week wait-and-see period is up next week.

      Thanks so much for asking


  1. Through another’s eyes – it does make us see life anew. Over and over again. That’s what I love about art, music, writing, photography and life. Love the slideshow. I haven’t been to the AGNSW for ages. Must get there soon. I’m sorrry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having with your foot. That sounds awful. Hope it isn’t too painful. I know what it’s like to hobble about on one leg; my family (very unkindly) started to refer to me as ‘lefty’ after my accident. 🙄 Hope you continue to feel better.

    • Families can be so rude 😀 My husband asks me every few days, “How’s your hoof?”, which could infer that I’m a cow (or the devil, hehe) As long as he doesn’t start asking, “How’s the trotter?” 😉

      Thanks, Selma – hope you are feeling better, too and can get down to the gallery soon – they have made some structural changes that have let in the light in a lot of spaces and have aso created whole new areas. There is a Picasso exhibition on at the moment, but it was a bunfight over the weekend, so we gave it a miss

  2. That’s a wonderful little poem bb ( ‘a tour through light and shadow’ would make a good title too 🙂 ) and love the slideshow (art galleries have a strange effect on me – pure joy and also despair that I can’t own the paintings or paint the paintings or live in the gallery 😉

    • Thanks, Gabe – I understand what you say about the despair part – it’s a weird thing and difficult to articulate – living in the gallery would be awesome!!! (when I was a kid, I used to fantasize about living in a department store…)

  3. What a unique idea Beeblu, it must have taken you ages to create, just wonderful. i haven’t been to a large gallery for years so its nice to see some of those works. Favourites are Pisarro and Degas but I like the painting of cows too.

    • Thanks, Gilly. I also love the painting of the cows (even though I am cowphobic) – what I love about it is the way the morning light is depicted and how the sun illuminates the farmer’s earlobes 🙂 I’m also a Pisarro fan

    • You are most welcome, Tilly.

      That would make two of us on the art philistine front, but, as it is with wine, we know what we like and that’s all we need to enjoy ourselves!!

  4. So glad that you are on the mend, BB . . . without invasive surgery.

    Here’s to a full and speedy recovery (so you can keep wandering around museums touring light and shadow).

    • Thanks, Nancy – I’m really looking forward to getting out and walking the golf course again after 3 months – actually, just getting out and walking – this saga has made me realise how much I take for granted

  5. Ps: just read through the comments, and all power to you for researching enough to avoid invasive treatment. Miss you a lot when you’re away and just delighted to have you back.

  6. Awesome and fabulous, Bluebee. Don’t know how you did it but love it! I have seen many of the paintings from the Met. None from Sydney – yet! Read the good news about the feet. That is wonderful.

    • Thanks, Monica 😀 used WP’s slide show feature to add the photos I took at the Met last September and at AGNSW last Sunday. Still a way to go with the feet but will be playing a bit of golf this weekend for the first time in 3 months, so am pretty happy with that, alone 🙂 Thanks for your support – any progress on your book publication? Bb xx

      • Bluebee, progress on the feet has been amazing. Playing golf already? – awesome! Book is ready but having binding “issues”, i.e. it falls apart. Can’t market until they fix the problem. It has been a little hard getting their attention, but I hope the problem will be solved soon.

        • Thanks, Monica – we’ll see how it goes – closed shoes still a bit of an issue – am going to have to replace most of mine which are now too narrow but at least I’m having better luck finding comfortable ones now. 🙂 I hope the binding issues get sorted soon – let me know when you publish. xxx

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