Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

I’ve used a couple of these snaps on other posts
and the poem is a repost from earlier on this blog
but they all epitomize this week’s theme for me


Travelling Dog

Travelling Dogs

On the 600km journey –

she looks at flowers and clouds,
he computes mileage per litre,
she ponders the secrets of cows,
he remarks that it might storm later…

She sees the wire-pig mailbox,
he spies a snake on the road,
he surveys flood-plain paddocks,
she wonders if cows talk in code…

He thinks perhaps β€˜Box of Frogs’,
she’d prefer peace for a while,
both laugh at the travelling dogs,
their windblown ears and their smiles

Travelling Dog

Travelling Dog

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. BB I love dogs. I love your poem
    . Spice is not quite your travelling dog, but she gets by. My last dog, Daisy, used to bananas when she spotted cows or cats out of the back window of my car.
    What an entertainment this poem is! Thanks., John

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