Don Ritchie – R.I.P.

Don Ritchie, The Angel of The Gap, has passed away


Angel of The Gap

He looks out at the sparkling sea

and drinks his morning cup of tea

But there’s a shadow to his left,

the darkness of a soul distressed

He knows now he must move with haste

to stop a life from going to waste

“This time, this one, perhaps,” he thinks,

“maybe, I ‘ll pull back from the brink”

The Angel of  The Gap, at dawn,

heads out once more across his lawn

to offer balm, a light to see

a way out from their misery,

to coax them not to end it all

and save them from that fatal fall

Never be afraid to speak to those who you feel are in need.

Always remember the power of the simple smile, a helping hand, a listening ear and a kind word.”

Don Ritchie, OAM

18 thoughts on “Don Ritchie – R.I.P.

    • I think it took a lot of courage to do what he did, Gabe. ‘”true hero” – you’re right – ‘hero’ is such a misused term these days, but not in Don’s case.

  1. What an amazing man. I think he really was an angel brought to earth. Not an easy thing to do. To save people in their darkest hour is so heroic. I am inspired by him!

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