Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

The Surfers’ Code – Manly Beach, Sydney

(The poem below is a re-post)

Suburban Summer

electric light show

rumbling closer,

scented star jasmine

mingling fragrance of rain,

thrum of cicadas

blending languid laughter,

glasses at the hills hoist

toasting vintage summer


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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. Great choice of words, BB, and so full of memories. June and I used to take the kids surfing in Cornwall, and our son is now a surfing instructor and lifeguard, living his dream by a surf beach. (www.liveontheedge.co.uk)

    • Oh, yes – there’s such a thing as surf rage here, so I think it’s an attempt to mitigate this to some degree.I don’t surf, but occasionally take my boogie board out in summer. I go really early as I’m no expert and have been yelled at before to “go left, go left!” because I was heading right along a wave – it gets a bit hectic out there, haha.

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    • Thanks, Benedicte. There’s so much to enjoy about summer – the smells, the sounds and, of course, the warmth. I’d be happy to hibernate for winter πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Gabe. I read the rules but it doesn’t help – am still out of control on my boogie board on those rare occasions that I venture out, haha. Just as well there are separate areas πŸ˜‰ but it still gets pretty hectic out there in soft-board territory.

  3. I like the glasses at the Hill’s hoist. Your photo would make a great poster. I can see it selling well to tourists and surfers alike. Love the colours, love the vibe of it!

      • Wouldn’t that be great. I actually have an ‘invisible clothesline’ πŸ˜‰ – it hangs on the wall of my laundry and you can shut it to look like a whiteboard – I never do shut it – haha – I dry all my clothes inside.

        • I don’t have space for an invisible line in mine – it’s a shoebox πŸ™‚ Most laundries are badly designed – too small. And most bathrooms are too big -wasted space. I would love a huge laundry with drying racks and a space to leave the ironing board up permanently.

          • A big laundry is good, but my invisible line is only 1 square metre (with two racks, one above each other). I have hardly used an iron in years, but I would if I had one standing up all the time – I tend to buy clothes that don’t crease (though my eyesight is getting so bad they probably are creased and I just can’t see it – haha).

  4. I can smell the jasmine as I read your poem. Your poems are so vivid. Hyperlinking words in your poems to more info- is that new? (Haven’t been around for a while.)

    • Thanks, Zoe. The hyperlinking facility has always been available as far as I know. You should be able to create links using the link icon on the post editor’s toolbar.

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