Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Michaela Johanna Gräper at work

Sculpture-in-progress – Michaela Johanna Gräper

We spent the Easter long weekend in Thredbo, and because I couldn’t do my usual frenetic mountain walking due to my feet issues, on the Sunday, us girls left the boys to catch our dinner from the mountain streams and headed into Jindabyne for a bit of laidback arts rambling.

We stopped in at the Wild Brumby Distillery to watch the advertised sculptor-in-residence at work: Michaela Johanna Gräper. Meeting her was rather a lot like observing her create her deliciously voluptuous ladies from these huge wooden logs – at first, we found her extremely reserved and inscrutable like the raw material of her craft, but once she got talking were completely delighted by her utterly wicked sense of humour which is also revealed in her plumpilcious creations – with an impish grin, she confided that most of them are modelled on her on own naked form.

Michaela travels the world on her creative talents – what better life is there?

As for mine, well, they’re non-existent – I once went to a figure-drawing class and came home with this…

Figures? by bb

(PS – And if you’re wondering, Easter Sunday in Thredbo, we ate out for dinner ;-))

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43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

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  2. These huge wood sculpture are so unusual and beautiful. Around here, I often see these big logs sculpture they are mainly big bears!
    Abstract is a good way at doing a live session class, very original and creative 🙂

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  4. I think you are an excellent artist. I’d hang that picture on my wall, for sure.
    That sculpture is amazing. Imagine being able to do that with wood? It must be an incredible feeling. She is definitely plumpalicious!!!!

    • Thanks, Selma ( I was supposed to be drawing human faces and hands, haha).
      Michaela and her wooden ladies are a delight – it is fascinating to watch her work- very clever.

  5. Sounds like my kinda day going on a ‘laidback arts rambling’ and I admire sculptors very much as I couldn’t create more than a log of wood out of a log of wood. Your creation is pretty damn good even if you have drifted from the ‘script’ – a feast for freudians (I hate Freud so don’t you worry about that bb 😉 )

    • I looked to see if Michaela has a web site, but no luck – I think she might be on FB but I can’t check because I’m not on there. Thanks, Jenny 🙂

  6. Love this! I am an artist and have carved wood but not for some time now. I must get back to it but not sure how it would pan out with arthitic hands. I loved it when I did do it, though. I carved small pieces. This is awesome.

  7. Your drawing is very Picasso-esque, so I’d be rather proud of it. Love your new word for voluptuously delicious. It works better than two.

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