HooHoooo (or, as they say in French, Hou Hou) – for Gabrielle Bryden and Bénédicte Delachanal

A poem for friends Gabrielle Bryden (sublime poet and lover of owls), who is currently fighting the dreaded winter lurgy,
Bénédicte Delachanal (fabulous artist), who crafted these wonderfully funky owl paintings.

 The Comfort of Owls

From tsunami dreams
We bolt upright
And heart and breath
Race to the death
To drown out silence
Of dead hours
And throw us wide-eyed
To the night.

Then, faint, through darkness
Comes strange calm
To tension-wired
Synapse and bone,
The ebb and flow
Of delta waves,
Like a mother’s kiss,
Floats softly down
In owl’s low call,
Primal and deep,
Submersing us
In tides of sleep.


For more things owl, check out Owls on WordPress and YouTube.

20 thoughts on “HooHoooo (or, as they say in French, Hou Hou) – for Gabrielle Bryden and Bénédicte Delachanal

  1. Bluebee – I love this poem and post – my only frustration is that I have to search your blog out (because of continuing WP notification problems – grr.}
    That video clip is classic! So it is a myth that owls don’t like the daylight? Sorry if this is a stupid question! J

    • Thanks, Julie. Not all owls are nocturnal, and the Little Owl, which is the sweet little one in the video, is mainly nocturnal but also often active in the day too. Re WordPress, I’ve noticed strange things going on with the Blog Reader too, with recent posts being inserted in different places in the list, instead of at the end of the list. WP seems to acquire these odd little quirks every now and then.

  2. We have an owl outside the window, in the forest. It is a regular. And it does just as you say 🙂

    I adore that lovely owl video. Just watched it with Mad, who is poorly. It brightened her right up!

    • Poor Mad – get better soon. Glad the owl video cheered her up, Kate 🙂 I actually tried to find your original post on Mad’s owl collection to link to on this post as well (the one where you had them all photographed together) but I couldn’t, so if you note some strange search terms re owls on your blog, they are from me 🙂

  3. Oh…I used to have these wonderful ground owls on my property…but now because of development all around me they’re gone…oh how I miss them…loved the post.

    • That is sad, Charles. We have quite a lot of bush in a parkland near us and that’s where the one I hear at night seems to reside. Thanks.

  4. hoot, hoot! That Little Owl is too cute 🙂 Terrific poem bb – give me the owl induced somnia any night. Do you ever have the dream where you can’t swim or run very well – like running through treacle – the other night I had the weirdest dream that I had a gym instructor who explained that my legs wouldn’t improve unless I dealt with the underlying psychological issues – hahaha – a gym coach and voice of the unconscious telling me directly what I need to know in a dream (I am sure that is some sort of dream code or symbol violation 😉 ). Thanks for the linky – we are still a little poorly but should be on the mend in a few days.

    • Isn’t he, Gabe? 🙂 Too funny. Thanks. Hmmmm – a very interesting dream – the mind is endlessly fascinating, specially when it does its own thing at night 😉 I don’t have treacle-stuck dreams, but do often dream that I am in water and can’t get out. I had a (rare) awesome dream the other night in which I was asked to trial the PFM (that’s what they said – it apparently stands for a Personal Flying Machine, haha) but my mother was hanging onto my legs as I was trying to take off – when she let go, off I went flying over the Snowies. It would have made sense about 3 decades ago but not now 😉

    • Thanks, Benedicte. Isn’t he so funny? That’s what I’m like when I have my hair washed at the hairdresser – they do the most awesome head massages and it’s utter bliss 🙂

  5. Whaty a gorgeous poem. It has really touched me. And the owls in the video are beyond adorable. I can’t believe they come from this world – they seem as ethereal as something from a fairy tale.

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