Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

For me, dreaming is about possibilities, and none so wonderful as those brought by travel.

I became a xenophile at around the time I started school, and dreamt of going to live in exotic places, mostly Japan and rural China, and of flying off to wonderful cities, such as London, Tokyo,Β  Amsterdam and Marrakech. Years on, and living in a different country, I’m grateful that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many parts of the world, and to have experienced incredible adventures and fascinating cultures as a result.

And the dreaming continues – I’ve yet to get to Japan or China πŸ˜€

To dream is to travel: to travel is to realize a dream

On these themes, a re-post of a poem I wrote a while ago –

Dreams of a Love Gourmand

He ate Suzi’s paella

and dreamed of Impanema,

of romance in Marbella

and Rio de Janeiro

He ate Fleur’s rindless blue,

his dreams were psychedelia,

he dreamt he was Theroux,

da Vinci and Ophelia

He drank Ping’s green absinthe

and dreamt he was a fairy

with eyes as green as minthe,

his wand, a blue canary

He ate Fang’s chou dofu,

her durian, then balut,

and napped as King Shi Chu

at war with King Canute

He ate Ann’s cherry duck,

nightmared of Gordon Ramsay,

who served confit of muck

with jus of some philandery

Then came Maeve’s Irish Stew,

no dreams his sleep disturbed

and as he woke he knew

his food of love’d been served


And for the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, Dreaming has a very special meaning – it encompasses beliefs about the origins of the earth, the stars and all living things, and the connections that exist between them, and is brought alive in wonderful stories, art and music. You can read more about the Dreaming and the Dreamtime here.

For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post at WordPress.com

55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. Wonderful colourful poem – excellenteh πŸ˜‰ I always wanted to go to Antartica (was trying to get a job there at one stage – probably wouldn’t have passed the testing – haha). Get thee to Japan (or China if you are brave) dear girl.

    • You coming, Gabe? (I admit to having Googled jobs in Antarctic too, but don’t have any skills of use. I reckon they would surely have use for your psychologist skills there, plus your experience counseling in the realms of alcohol and drug addiction?)

      • I’d have to be very rugged up to go to Antartica now – haha – I get depressed in the winter of the sub-tropics; imagine what the cold of the Antartic would do to me! Japan would be terrific – maybe in about 10 years time πŸ˜‰ and would love to go to Tibet (depending on the political situation). Personally I love Greece more than anywhere else in the world apart from Australia (lived there when 9 and studied ancient Greek at uni).

        • I’m with you on the winters, Gabe. You lived in Greece? That must have been a great experience. Was your dad teaching there? Ancient Greek would be way too much brain-strain for me πŸ™‚

          • Not the language – the history and culture stuff – I stopped studying it in 3rd year because then I would have had to learn the language and I knew that would not be my cup of tea. Dad was on sabbatical doing research and writing a biography of social darwinist Benjamin Kidd – the months in Greece were an educational sidetrip πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Madelaine – a few years ago, my brother came to visit and treated me to my first helicopter trip – it was such a beautiful, clear day for it, and for taking photos of Sydney – a wonderful experience πŸ™‚

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  4. Absolutely beautiful BB, a marvelous poem that brings a smile, your mention of the Dreaming, and your dreams of travel with the black and white’s of Sydney, contrasting with all the colour of the poetic imagery, smashing!!! (and Songlines is a good read :))

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment, Christine πŸ˜€ Do you have any other recommendations on books on the themes of the Dreaming and the Dreamtime?

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  6. Excellent, excellent poetry. Dreaming is crucial in life… as crucial as breathing, I think. You gotta have it. You gotta keep doing it. Hope you get to Japan and China soon!

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