Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Trapped inside a system of prejudice

South African Pass Laws

Yellow Badge

Palestinian Freedom of Movement

The Stolen Generations

Jim Crow Laws


Ethnic Cleansing

A re-posted poem –

Death Cap

Iniquity, depravity
crimes against humanity.

Conflagration, radiation,
man made this abomination.

Enormity, deformity,
war’s enduring legacy.

Experimentation, humiliation –
Who needs victim’s approbation?

Cessation, condemnation?
War has no such aspiration.

Obliteration, extermination,
our final destination.


For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post at WordPress.com

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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  3. Yes, what the hell is wrong with us (as you say) and not just confined to the past (as we remember the anniversary of the Brevik slaughter) – the tide of islamophobia throughout the world is very scary and based on similar ideologies and prejudices (and sometimes fascist agendas). The photos go well with your poem bb – always good to remind us of our fallibilities.

    • You make a valid point about the current state of things (we certainly don’t learn from history) as well as ideologies and phobias, because that is what creates these systems – ignorance, fear, and an unhealthy desire for power and control. Thanks, Gabe.

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    • It is, Kate. A distinction is made between the meanings of ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘genocide’, but whatever the semantics, they both destroy lives.

  7. I recall a friend who grew up in RSA telling me of the day she ‘failed’ the ‘pencil test’. Apparently, if there was enough curl in your hair to prevent a pencil from falling … you were ‘coloured’ … what a world…

    • I started watching a doco on Auschwitz on Foxtel tonight but just couldn’t stomache it. The worst I’ve seen was ‘Night & Fog’ – those images will stay with me forever. Hideous humanity.

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