Not So Sweet…

Look, a little butcherbird!

He’s so tame.

Aww, isn’t he sweet?

mmmm…perhaps not…

You can listen to the grey butcherbird’s song at Birdlife Australia

and the pied butcherbird’s song at the Listening Earth Blog

40 thoughts on “Not So Sweet…

  1. they do look sweet, and have a musical call, but when you see them strike and kill a fairy wren at the birdbath you don’t think ‘sweet’ any more …. the bath was right outside my study window so it was a bit too close for me, and the spot of blood on my window brought the reality home … he is a killer!

    • Oh no, that is almost Hitchcockesque, Christine, particularly the spot of blood on the window! I guess they’re not named butcherbirds for no good reason. What an awful thing to witness.

  2. Great post. Hopefully he wasn’t commenting on the golfer’s skill. πŸ™‚
    Will pass this one on to a few non-blogging friends & family.

  3. hahaha – that second photo is wonderful – it’s supposed to be good luck to be shat on! The sound of butcherbird song is one of the best things in this world – priceless! Great photo story BB πŸ™‚ By the way, are you any good at editing video or making movies – that type of thing?

    • haha, thanks, Gabe We said we should get a lotto ticket (Powerball is $50m this week ;-)) We’ve got a video camera but I’ve never used it, although I have taken a few video clips with my Sony cybershot. Done some sound editing in the course of my work, but not any video editing – why?

  4. Like, like, love. The grey butcherbird looks and sounds naughty – he’s got a lot to say and gets down to business. The pied butcherbird song is pure magic. Very impressive sound capture from Listening Earth.

    • Hello, Monica πŸ˜€
      Yes, the grey butcherbird has got a lot to say – he’s as cheeky as he sounds. Isn’t the Listening Earth blog wonderful? Andrew and Sarah do such a wonderful job, I think I am going to purchase some of their CDs.

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