Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Early morning swimmers – Bronte Beach Baths, Sydney

Our quotidian rituals

bring discipline,


and joy

to our hours;

they are the anchors

of our existence.


For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post at WordPress.com

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • Hello, Julie 🙂 Thanks – I’m thinking of doing a life writing course at uni and asking some of the the tidal pool swimmers from across Sydney if they’d be my subjects.

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      • Not a lot. Where I live the water is tidal and cold a lot. In summer I do like going to the beach…but don’t get there as often as I like. Jack is doing better.. She has been eating – though at the moment I am keeping it at a little and often for a few days. Still no idea what it was, but I am hopeful we are coming out of it.

          • We do get the White Tail Spider [an Aussie immigrant like me] which is also venomous. Other than that nothing really. I also have an idiot neighbour who likes to spread slug/snail bait in a very public garden down my drive. We have had a few *discussions* over that. Who knows if she has been up to her tricks again..

  3. You mean like beer o’clock – haha – they are anchors indeed (more so for some people – I don’t seem to have much in way of routines in my life – which of course drives the aspies around me nuts 😉 ). The photo does look great in black and white, as others have pointed out – looks like something from the olden days.

    • Thanks, Monica – it’s one I took 6 years ago with my old film camera. Swimming in the tidal pools and the sea is a daily ritual for many who live at the coast here (not for those of us stuck out in the ‘burbs’) If I lived in a beach suburb I’d be in the water every day too 🙂

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