Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

The wreck of the MV Sygna – Stockton Beach, NSW, Australia

What happiness is there for those who lead a solitary life through no choice of their own?


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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

    • It was a huge ship, Angelia, and this is all that’s left of it. I also thought, “poor ship” So funny how we anthropomorphise objects. I think it’s the sense of neglect and decay that it evokes.

    • Thanks, Gilly. Yes! Apparently it was on its maiden voyage when it ran aground. I imagine it looking longingly out to the horizon at all the able-bodied ships going about their business – poor old thing

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  2. Yes, loneliness can be the worst thing – I always feel really sad for the elderly who are isolated. The photo is a great match for the words. Would you still feel sad for the ship if it was at the bottom of the water – just interested 🙂 – they are so useful when they are sunk (artificial reefs) that surely the ship would feel a bit chuffed with itself and have quite the sense of importance being a home for so many critters.

    • I also feel sad for those elderly, Gabe.
      Re your (very interesting question) – no. Outtasite, outtamind, haha – I’m so shallow 😉
      As you say, it would have stange and wonderful company and a better view down there and wouldn’t be looking longingly out to the horizon at all those healthy ships going about their business 🙂

  3. There is an element of sadness/ loneliness about the wreck and I think what Gabe says it true – would we still feel that little pang if it was under the water? I am really blown away by how pro that shot looks. Awesome, Bluebee!

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