18 thoughts on “Oxytocin: energy drink of the future?

  1. Awesome stuff bb – thanks for sharing. Really love how they relate it to storytelling and the arc. They are looking closely at oxytocin for people with autism and separately for social anxiety disorders – you can get an oxytocin nasal spray. I think I have too have oxytocin – haha – which can be problematic because too much empathy can make you depressed, because basically the world sux big time 😉 and life isn’t fair and some people just cop heaps of bad things – now I will just go into the kitchen and drink my cup half empty!

    • I just had an idea – if you worked with a psychopath/sociopath you could secretly emit oxytocin (given the technology had been developed) from, say a electric diffuser, on a daily basis into his office (most of them are men 😉 ) and the love drug would take effect and he would start to lose his sociopathic reality and become more sensitive and touchy feely!

      • Oh, how funny – my thoughts went to straight to its possible effectivity in treating sociopathy and psychopathy when I first watched the video! I like your product idea, and think you could make a packet from it selling it to the corporate world, alone, haha

    • Wow – I did not realize that it’s available in a non-natural form (perhaps we should carry oxcytocin nasal spray around in our bags instead of pepper spray, haha). I also did not realize that it’s been studied in relation to autism and anxiety. That’s really interesting – am going to read up more about it. Yes, too much empathy can definitely make us depressed! 😉

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