Search Engine Poetry: dadirridreaming

Do your blog’s search engine terms reflect the soul of your blog?
This sprang to mind when I read this found poem by Christine Whitelaw, which she wrote in response to my Search Engine Poetry challenge.

Christine lives in a beautiful corner of Australia with artist husband Stuart,
and her blog, dadirridreaming, is predominantly Christine’s exquisite photographic contemplation
of the natural beauty that surrounds their home –

birds, insects, flowers, ocean, kangaroos and wallabies, sky and much more.

She also posts wonderful travelogues (that make me green with envy) about their trips to places further afield,
such as Lord Howe Island, Singapore and Europe (getting greener by the minute!).

Here are a few of my favourite posts from Christine’s latest globetrotting adventure:

The Metro

Electric Cars in Paris

Evening in Place St Silain

Stravinsky Fountain

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Christine also occasionally hosts yoga retreats (and I’m hoping to attend one in the coming year)

So, what do you think?
Is the soul of dadirridreaming reflected in Christine’s found poem?

Thanks for participating, Christine!


18 thoughts on “Search Engine Poetry: dadirridreaming

  1. gosh thanks for this great post bluebee, i am speechless, and will read the feedback with interest….. you have done a wonderful job of digging out the gems from the blog, an excellent researcher i would say without hestation!

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