Divine Dementia

So many days
we are beyond bereft

at some ancient
god’s puzzled mumbles
beneath the night lamp,

his tremulous finger-fumbles
with jigsaw fragments
of our lives,

his fearful look of surprise
at the countless missing pieces
of his Master Plan,

unaware of the devil dog
chewing at his feet.






38 thoughts on “Divine Dementia

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  2. We can only pray that the affected person is hardly aware of it, if at all, and that it hurts us so much more looking on. For his/her sake be ever cheerful even though your heart is breaking.

  3. What an interesting idea – a ‘God’ with dementia – love the ‘devil dog chewing at his feet’. If I believed in God I wouldn’t believe in an interventionist God – it would be a strange thing to have God responding to prayers and trying to make a world with justice – if there is a God he would just let the humans get on with their sinning and the justice would come after death. A God with dementia would be horrific.

    • Hello Monica 😀

      Thank you.

      All the best to you and your family for the Festive Season.

      We are getting visitors from different parts of the globe, so are really looking forward to the time ahead.

      xoxo 😀

  4. So well said about the things some cannot do anything about and with age some will not have all the beautiful memories they once did and it really is those that give life some of it’s lasting beauty. Well written.

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