Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

“Home is where the heart is.
Home is so remote.
Home is just emotion
sticking in my throat.

Let’s go to your place.”

Lene Lovich


The decor of this Sydney restaurant is a colourful reminder of the linguistically and culturally rich country that was my home from birth to mid-life.





My favourite from this week’s challenge was this one from Jo Bryant.

See The Daily Post for more photographic interpretations of ‘Home’.

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

      • i think i can understand … i have roots in the country where i lived with my grandparents … yet i know there are sydney roots too, although more tenuous … and here? i feel this land is hosting me, i am a carer for it … to share it’s healing properties … can’t explain it …

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  3. Love the shoes and slippers…thanks for the lovely words BB and the link. So glad you liked it. I had planned something else…but when I was editing the photos of the surf carnival…something mad came over me…hehehehe

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    • Many will recognise the teenage sentiments in those lyrics, haha. Love Lene Lovich’s music.
      Hard and not so, Gabe – I think it’s complicated for any emigrant, no matter where they come from or migrate to. We make our choices, I guess. And for many different reasons.

  5. Lovely, BB. I think sometimes one sees things much more clearly from afar. Sometimes one has to leave home to really appreciate it. Great photo’s! and great quote too.

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