Great Cinematic Moments

This is one of my all-time favourites.

I took ballet, modern and tap-dancing lessons from the age of 3 and aspired to dance like Cyd, but after a friend adapted the lyrics of ‘She’s a Long-legged Woman Dressed in Black’ to “she’s a short-legged woman” to describe me…well, you can guess the rest.

Sometimes friends have to be cruel to be kind.

37 thoughts on “Great Cinematic Moments

  1. Gene Kelly makes my heart turn to marshmellow – always 🙂 I never had the chance to learn to dance but wish I had and used to dance my tap dancing heart out to black and white Gene Kelly movies (and Fred Estaire) when little.

    • Your “gravity” post led to this, Nancy! it got me thinking about Donald O’Connor’s wall antics in ‘Singing in the Rain, and then about all my favourite scenes from those old movies 😀

    • It does, Col. For me, nothing measures up to the choreography and polish of the dancing from Cyd’s era. Re my friend, she was actually a wonderful friend – these sorts of comments usually made us both laugh hysterically 😆

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