Weekly Photo Challenge: (A) kiss (to build a scream on)

No photo this week: I’m ambivalent about the whole kissing thing.

Sure, a kiss of any nature feels good (unless it’s from some lecherous golfing partner who’s intent on kissing instead of shaking hands) but then there’s that sound: like a dog licking itself or a person chewing with their mouth open – ewwww.

People kissing on the big screen or TV? Fine, just turn down the sound.

I thought this particular aversion was just another peculiar quirk of my ultra-cranky disposition,  until a few years ago when a young colleague expressed his mystification at why his wife would fly into a blind rage whenever their spaniel would do his daily licking grooming.

“Does she have the same reaction to people kissing on TV?” I asked.

“Yes!!” he shrieked.

I was onto something.

I did some research. Turns out, it’s a disorder (Of course. What isn’t?!). And it goes by the name of Misophonia.

In my case, these rage-inducing noises are limited to certain mouth sounds in others: teeth-sucking, open-mouthed chewing, licking, slurpy kissing, lip-smacking, spaghetti-sucking, finger-licking  (I guess you won’t be inviting me over for dinner any time soon, haha).

Actually, it’s not that bad – I don’t have to leave the room to deal with my neurological irrationality. Just wish I could use it to my advantage: I’d be soooo thin if I had the same reaction to the sound of my own chewing…

What about you? Are there any sounds that drive you beyond crazy?


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66 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (A) kiss (to build a scream on)

  1. i cannot stand slurping, but chomping into an apple nearby is the worst crime anyone can commit … it drives me into a rage immediately, and even after 40 years husband still does it sometimes, quite unaware that he is walking towards me crunching … and of course i can’t concentrate on anything he says, i am just waiting to create some distance between us so i don’t scream!!!! kissing? i have never thought about it, we don’t tend to watch things where kissing happens!

    • ” i can’t concentrate on anything he says” – that is a sure sign of it, Christine. It’s really quite a strange thing and I wonder if, in the ancient past, there was some sort of evolutionary advantage to having such an extreme response to these sounds. My empathies! 🙂 The crime of crimes for me is teeth-sucking 😯

  2. Don’t come to China then! They often slurp their food and chew loudy with their mouths open. I am not sure why, but many do it. Yes I find it gross too. Maybe it stems from using chopticks and you need to schlurp to help get the food into your mouth!

  3. Funny, when I used to work concerts there were certain performers that did not want audience members eating during their performances: Polish singer Basia was one. I don’t think it was the sound factor; it was the visual factor!

    • Can’t say I blame them – somehow, the audience chomping merrily during a live concert seems ill-mannered (Particularly if the performer hasn’t had his dinner yet, haha)

  4. At last, I know I’m not alone! And that there’s a name for it. I hate all those sounds including the crunching apple that dadirri7 mentions. I don’t fly into a rage but I get so agitated I cannot even concentrate on what I’m doing. Oh my fellow Misophonian – this is probably the best post I’ve ever read 🙂 Other sounds that drive me bonkers – sniffing and pen clicking.

    • Whole groups of people slurping do not, strangely enough, elicit the same irrational response. It is the lone quiet slurper that does it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Terri 🙂

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    • The strange thing is, Adee, is that it is not actually brought on by ill-mannered eating – it is apparently something to do with these specific sounds, usually at quite low volumes – Christine (dadirri7) and Jacqui definitely suffer from the same thing – they have both described a key aspect of the reaction – becoming agitated and unable to concentrate on anything else (now I’m not sure of what you must think of ME, haha – crazy, for sure:))

    • I’m amazed at how many people are identifying with this, Dianne. Jacqui has coined the phrase “Misophonians” for us beleaguered souls. 😀 (never mind the people who have to live with us!)

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  7. beeblu, this is real revelation … i have looked it up and discovered that all these years i have not been just intolerant … i am a misphonian, now i can relax about hating the sound of the door banging ever so softly when it is not latched (yes it happens every day), i understand it is a neurological thingy and not just impatience or worse … woweee … very liberating, thank you so much … a lifetime of thinking i was weird!!!

    • I must say that I was relieved to find that I was not alone, Christine – until that conversation with my colleague and my subsequent research, I thought that the family’s crankiness gene was starting to over-express itself, LOL 🙂

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  10. Seems like this is a very common problem 😉 What drives me into a rage is the sound of Tony Abbott speaking – hahaha – but I don’t think that is quite the same thing that you’re talking about.

    • I knew it 😀 Feet scraping? That’s an interesting one. I didn’t think there was much that would be more scream-inducing than the nails-on-the-blackboard thing.

  11. Bluebee, I love this. You would not have liked the woman behind me at the opera last weekend. She opened a cough drop – or something – and proceeded to smack her lips, bite and chew for quite a while. In these days of anything goes, no one said a thing or even looked bothered. I wonder sometimes. Glad your symptoms have a hearty name.

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  13. Hi there BB, I can’t stand hearing someone loudly sniffing, (myself excluded of course, goes without saying)…I get so het up I feel like offering them a hankie. .. I do agree with your offering too, I cringe when the mouth’s are wide open and they start eating each others faces…. Yikes, eat first , then kiss methinks….. (Jealousy perhaps?…I don’t think so 🙂 )….xPenx

  14. Well the way you describe all those activities, makes them sound revolting. I can’t stand most of those plus chalk squeaking on a blackboard, or someone constantly clicking a ball point pen. 😆

    • Aversion to the clicking pen – that’s definitely a symptom of misophonia, AD. 🙂 I can’t even THINK about chalk squeaking on a blackboard or nails…8-O

  15. This was funny! The only noise I can think of right now that drives me crazy is coughing. I swear I almost left church service last week because of it.

    This post also makes me think of my aunt’s severe aversion to ice chewing. At a gathering around Christmas, I noticed my aunt staring at my husband, while she gripped the arm of the couch. Finally, I realized he was crunching ice cubes. I got him to stop and then we had fun teasing her about it.

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