Love’s Journey

We know
it’s our unclaimed baggage
at the station,

more than a few lockers full.

We don’t go there,
travel light,

well enough,
without it.

But impossible journeys
our dreams.

36 thoughts on “Love’s Journey

  1. That suitcase is so beautiful with its burnished leather, it invites me to open it. I say open it up and lovingly dispose of whatever you no longer need or wish to own. Goodbye and good luck to unwanted baggage. (So easy to give advice across the wide ocean.)

  2. travelling light in all ways makes life’s journey simpler, free to flow with the moment rather than stuck with the baggage … lovely poem and image bluebee 🙂

  3. This is an excellent poem bb 🙂 It brings images of snakes swallowing their own tails to mind (it’s a non-linear poem with the ending opening us back to the beginning – which is how dreams work really). The unconcious mind will always dredge up the bloody baggage, unfortunately – the conscious mind is stuck with the heavy duty work of dealing with the baggage in a constructive manner – I wish I could stop dreaming altogether sometimes.

    • Thanks, Gabe. A stellar comment, indeed. 😀 The snake image you draw is so apt. The unconscious mind does not let go, and shows the film of its choosing when left to its own devices during sleep, no matter how exhausting and distressing for its captive audience.

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