29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

  1. I clicked like ‘cos I love bugs, bb… (erm… just to see at a distance doing what they should…not trying to take over my house kinda thing) .. Without bugs the eco structure would collapse methinks.. so hurray for them.. xPenx

    • It would collapse, Pen. The museum has the most incredible collection of beetles as well, arranged in the most amazing displays. Unfortunately, my photos of those didn’t come out very well.

    • They are quite funny little creatures, Monica. We rescued one from the water, while kayaking on Myall Lake, and put him on the front of the kayak to dry out. His colours were just beautiful. But he was very vocal in his extreme grumpiness! 😀

      • That’s really special, Bluebee. They begin to chirp here in midsummer and get quieter and quieter as fall approaches. One day – nothing. What happens to them over the winter?
        Your new theme looks great.

        • Yes, what happens to them over winter? My husband seems to think that they die.
          Thanks for your comment re the theme – I am debating whether to buy the upgrade so that I can change some of the fonts and the colour scheme as I think it is a little too clinical.

          • I bought the upgrade and found it changed all the fonts. In other words, I couldn’t use a different font for one post without changing it for all. I could of course be missing something important here and would welcome your thoughts.

            • I will let you know how I go, Monica, but I suspect it’s a one-size fits all approach with the colours/fonts; i.e. one colour/font for all headings on all posts, etc.

    • Symphonies! I agree with your lovely description of their sound, Kate. Many don’t enjoy it.

      The bug display at the Melbourne Museum is the best I’ve seen.

    • I have a macro lens for my film camera, but don’t use this camera anymore. I am hoping that when I’m in a position to buy a DSLR that my film-camera lenses will fit and work with the DSLR model.

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