The upside of the downside is creativity,
downside of the downside – survivability,
upside of the upside,
downside of the upside…
..dearth of poetry.

In a dark time, the eye begins to see
Theodore Roethke


Someone who’s definitely not suffering from a dearth of inspiration at the moment is artist (and hidden poet) Bénédicte Delachanal.

Check out her wonderfully humorous marriage of art and words as she tackles this month’s NaPoWriMo challenge. C’est une joie. 😀


33 thoughts on “Balancing

  1. Excellent words bb 🙂 which I partially agree with – creativity can be enhanced with strong emotion (both positive and negative) and personally I have written some of my better stuff when under the influence of anger or sadness 😉 but I don’t think it is necessary (just adds petrol to the fire) – I have been meaning to do a post on the ‘muse’ and invite people to describe their opinions on this area (I know people have strong opinions on the subject – their opinions intrique me) – of course it would be much easier if we could all just hang out and discuss in person, but sometimes writing down the thoughts makes us ponder a bit more carefully.

  2. Oh! merci beaucoup BB, so kind of you.
    I also had to read several time, which is good!
    Terrific lines, but the last one, (dearth meaning scarcity?) I never thought that. I think that being creative is a way of thinking and living, it is always there in bad and good moments.

    • Yes, dearth = scarcity 🙂 I agree that being creative is a way if thinking and living, and is there in bad and good moments, but there are some things that steal away that creativity at times.

  3. I may have to graph this, Bluebee. And that matchbox with waiting match is seductively attractive. I am thinking of Beethoven, as I always do when the blinding necessity to create is a subject.

  4. Yeah, the difficulty drives a lot of it. . . but some of it is very deliciously out of the upside for me. So I believe that CAN happen, too. Thanks for your “Like” on my blog, Bluebee.

    • It’s interesting to hear what inspires, Elaine. Writing from pain is cathartic, from joy, celebratory. But, for me, always, the most joy is what others take from it.

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