Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

bb-chg1Can you think of a once strongly held conviction, belief or ideology on which you have completely changed your position?


Five favourites from this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post.

Flickr Comments

Ohm Sweet Ohm

Lucid Gypsy

Delightfully Different Life

A Meditative Journey with Saldage

61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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  4. I love seeing a photo which tells a story.,.. bb, Your mind races ahead and fills in any gaps… as to a change in any held philosophy…I once believed I could forgive everything, but since learned I can’t… Mayhap the sad indictment is against me and not my transgressor.. .. xPenx

  5. I’m in love with the shoes, Bluebee. Love your question but can’t answer with a picture – only a link and a thought. First thing is silent movies: I used to yawn and now (sometimes) go “Wow – Holy cow!” My all-time favorite movie, silent or not, may be “Sunrise”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunrise:_A_Song_of_Two_Humans And then there’s my mother-in-law, about whom I used to think: “This woman does not understand me at all!” Now I find lots to appreciate. The wheel turns, sometimes way too slowly.

    • I love your comment, Monica. Silent movies – that’s such an interesting one. I’ve never seen Sunrise, which is obviously a drama, but did study Rashomon (reluctantly so), and have come to appreciate Charlie Chaplin and other silent slapstick (a genre I used to think was just silly). Nice that you see your mother-in-law differently now. I used to see everything very much in black & white, but these days few things are so clear-cut.

  6. Lovely photo, and great question. The answer is of course yes, because I’m getting on a bit in years now. Strongly held convictions are for the young and the stubborn, be use life will keep showing us the other side of things….if we let it 🙂

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  8. Very cute shoes! 😀

    The conviction I’ve changed over the years is how people bring up their children. Before I had children I thought I was an ‘expert’ – once I had children I realised I knew absolutely nothing. Now I never judge a parent 😀

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  13. I have not been fond of “CATS” all my life. In fact I would call them a complete waste of fur. But recently my feelings toward them has changed. Because of a simple twist of fate. I now intend to acquire an all black kitten.

  14. Love the photo, BB. As we grow and mature it is natural for us to change. We cannot stand still and grow! Philosophies and outlooks change as we mature…

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