Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

imageEvery couple of years, my mum gets on a plane and travels 12,000kms across the globe to visit us. We always try to do a girlie road-trip to a different part of the country while she is here and, this year, we headed down to Thredbo, where she was able to cross ‘Standing in snow’ off her bucket list (and I made her eat some, just for good measure ;-)).

Above is us on our way down on the ski-lift after sinking into the lovely, powdery stuff below.


For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post.

34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. Wonderful to have these moments with your mom. My mom used to come too from France to Quebec, now I go.
    I can’t get to my hed that you are in winter πŸ˜‰ here it is 30, your photo tells me not to forget winter, it is around the corner

    • Ah, so you know what the distances between mean, Ben – I go back to Africa every couple of years, too. The snow was early here, but quite deep up the top of Crackenback the weekend that we were there in May :-D.

    • We love our girlie roadtrips, Gilly. We can stop when we want, shop in roadside markets when we want, listen to music we both love in the car, snuggle up and watch slapstick movies (which we both love, haha) in hotel rooms when we want.

  2. Lovely pic of togetherness, Bb! Glad you and your mom get together regularly, especially when so far apart physically it keeps you close spiritually for between-visits.

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