Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Finesse jetty and knots,
Rumble the motors’ power,
Slide past nodding yachts,
Skim glass at the golden hour.

The Sydney Harbourbb-tgh0is best explored by boat

bb-tgh2at sunrise

bb-tgh1If you’re not into boating, there are so many great walks around the harbour for all levels of fitness.

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35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

  1. Really good – evocative words with a great rhythm πŸ™‚ I’ve only been on the ferry to the North Shore (many moons ago when I got the bus to Sydney to visit my Aunty and co.) but I loved it.

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  3. Gorgeous images and poetic imagery, BB. If I ever make it to Sydney, I’d definitely explore it by boat . . . but more like a sunset cruise than at sunrise. I’m inclined to sleep past the point that the sun greets the day.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I’m the same as you but my hubby is an early bird and, on occasion, drags me out of bed at a ridiculous hour (much wailing & gnashing of teeth) to get out on the water or the golf course. Once I’m out there, I love it! (Although, I have to say that he doesn’t even attempt it in winter, haha)

    • Yes, I like yachting and kayaking too – the unmotored yachts get to sleep in & head out later when the wind comes up. There are also a lot of unused boats of all kinds hanging about in this harbour…

  4. I loved these, BB. I remember a treasured Sergeants quarters near the end of SHB. In UK we were knocking down an identical building!
    Although Sydney was a hard work experience for me, I managed to see a little of it. Great place!

  5. Love the sound of water,bb, lapping, love walking by water, strolling, but cannot for the life of me ( not proven) swim. Still, I love the photo’s and can appreciated that which I cannot jump into. ( a bit like hot water really!!!) xPenx

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