Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

bb-f1-1When I did a B&W photography course some years ago, our instructor provided a simple but effective mnemonic for remembering how to create depth of field:

  • F-stop 2 = 2 fence posts
  • F-stop 22 = 22 fence posts

I’ve never forgotten it.

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34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

    • Our instructor, Natalie, was a very talented young photographer, and teacher. She knew how to bring concepts to the right level for hobbyist photographers.

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    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I guess that professional photographers need to learn all the technicalities, but for hobbyists, like myself, a mnemonic like this serves us well enough. The mark of a great teacher is being able to pitch it at the right level. Do you still remember the whole chart? I’d imagine that with experience, it becomes ingrained.

      • What I remember is that if my meter says f 11@ 125 and I want have less focus in the back ground I have to open the lens to say f4 which means that I went from f11 to f8 f5.6 to f46 that means that is four stops. If I go say to the left [ larger lens opening then I have to go to the right with the speed the same number of stops , which will make the speed 1000. once you have a meter reading then you have to decide how you want the picture to turn out – Clear in the foreground and blurry in the back ground or clear all the way through then use f 22 or greater. That’s what I remember. That is what I learned on 35mm film digital – I’m sorry to say I still don’t have a hang of it. This may sound like the long version but it took years to get it all straight in my head.

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