Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

I’ve dived and snorkelled in different parts of the world and so, for me, the sea is about the many strange and wonderful things that live in it – I think of it as liquid art.bb-sea0

For more takes on the Sea theme, see The Daily Post.

My top five:

Ohm Sweet Ohm


Life through a Lens

What’s (In) the Picture?

In search of a thousand cafés

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

    • Thanks, Catbird – so many colourful and comical characters under the sea, although many lose their colour once preserved as specimens, like this one in the Melbourne Museum.

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  4. beautiful image – liquid art – you’d love it around here then – don’t even have to get in a boat to go diving to look at the reef – not that I’ve done any of that (too cowardly ;); though I did want to be a marine biologist when I was about 10.

          • hahaha – great idea – I was also tossing up whether to do a PI course (I want to write crime fiction and I remember when Tara Moss did a PI course so that she would know the ins and outs of the PI world – I have the same logic for the criminology course, plus I’ve always been interested in the psychology of crime – one of the first things I studied at Uni in Abnormal Psychology was the famous serial killers, and I was just fascinated. Make sure you tell me if you go ahead with the PI course, ’cause I will need to pick your brains (and not in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way 😉 )

  5. Yes, that photo, still with the look of life. And your poem, linking parts of a whole: incinerating heat…cool water; …weighted but weightless…; …heightened…calm; sculptures …conceal and reveal. I’m inhaling and exhaling in unison.

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