Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

bb-hb1It’s our habit, on a Saturday, to head out early for breakfast at our local, and then to the golf course for 18 holes.

We got more than we bargained for today – on the fourth, a thunderstorm so powerful in its rain and wind action that we struggled to run against it to seek shelter from the lightning spiking all around us. The golf course was flooded in a couple of minutes – it’s frightening how quickly the weather can turn deadly.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

    • Thanks, Charles. I have a rule not to play golf when there are thunderstorms about, because, as you say, the statistics prove golf course are not good places to be. But I didn’t want to spoil my husband’s day yesterday as we hadn’t played for a couple of weeks, and the storms seemed far off, so, even though it was raining, I though it would be OK. My mother told me to always trust my instinct and whenever I don’t, I get into trouble 😀

  1. wow, scary stuff – golfing is one of those activities that is high risk for lightning strike – I mean you’re carrying around a lightning conductor in your hands 😉 and you are out in the middle of nowhere just asking for trouble – hahaha – glad you are alright – please stay in that nice looking café instead of that very dangerous activity of golf 😀

    • Exactly, Gabe – golf clubs and umbrellas! Might as well have “Strike me!” written on our foreheads. And just about everyone had their umbrellas up (most of which got totally trashed in the storm by the wind). I also swallowed a lot of water, haha 🙂

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