WPC: Community (The Secret Life of Cows)


I really don’t like the look of this two-legs.

Always suspicious of outsiders, aren’t you, Wazza?

Well, look, for a start, it isn’t making the usual ooh-they’re-so-cute noises.

He has a point, Dazza. It’s giving us the death stare. Maybe this two-legs has something to do with the overnight disappearance of our mothers, and our milk supply.

Ever the conspiracy theorist, Davo.

I reckon, it’s a Gary Larson agent.

Talking a load of bullocks, as usual, Kezza.

I think it should be eliminated. Charge on 3!

Good luck with the electric fence. Catchya later at the ‘Trough and Tag’.”


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Ellen Gregory

24 thoughts on “WPC: Community (The Secret Life of Cows)

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  2. What interesting and sweet faces. We can’t explore the inner life of cows because then we couldn’t do to them what we do. I need to be a vegetarian. On another note, all the happiness of the season and a fine new year to you, my dear Bluebee.

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