(Sh)It’s in the mail

First came the warning letter…

..and then the package.

Sending poo in the mail: there are few things more deviant, surely?

No, it’s not what you’re thinking: I didn’t receive poo in the mail from some demented troll, but have been requested by my Government to send mine. I kid you not. In Australia, you know you’re 50 when you receive…

bb-bcsk..your very own Government-sponsored DIY bowel cancer screening kit. With instructions in 18 languages, an information & FAQ booklet, sample sticks, test tubes, labels, return envelopes, the lot.

FAQ: Can I place my samples in the fridge?
The mind boggles, and the imagination runs riot (the unsuspecting child, home from school, thinking mum’s left them some sort of treat, a la Heston Blumenthal).

Mine would be more along the lines of: Can they tell I drank a whole bottle of champers within 15 minutes of stepping through the front door last night? (Or that I have gag reflex to shots of our PM is his red budgie smugglers?)


So, Australia, not only is Big Brother watching you, but your poo, too.

Secretly, I’m impressed.

43 thoughts on “(Sh)It’s in the mail

  1. LOL! I second that motion! πŸ˜€

    I never received one of these when I turned 50 (or maybe I did and threw it away). It’s a good idea. Best of luck with yours and I hope everything comes out alright (I crack myself up sometimes!) πŸ˜€

  2. ah bb, here in Britain, my partners of a certain age, (he hates numbers) and he’s had to send those erm. ‘particular’ s(h)amples…. Makes the mind boggle I’ll admit, and as you say, such sh*tty stuff being sent thro’ t’mail !! Heh!! xPenx

  3. Ha! That would give those thieving so-n-so’s at the SA post office a nasty shock! Secretly, I’m impressed too. My sister who lives in Oz was sent reminders to go for a mammo and because of their nagging they found early stages of breast CA and were able to treat it successfully.

  4. I saw the movie Philomena yesterday. It’s fantastic.

    A character in the movie is having a check up. He responds favorably when the doctor tells him that his stool sample is “Outstanding.”

    The doctor replies, “That just means we haven’t received it yet.”

  5. What a laugh I’ve had reading these comments. But, jokes aside, it is an excellent idea. I think there are a great many cases of this disease. Btw, can stools go off after a certain time?

  6. This IS impressive, BB – your government is actually doing something for you. And I believe I have collected doggie stool samples and stored them in the fridge. Wrapped in many layers, boxes, etc. Or perhaps they were just stored outside. Can’t exactly remember and we do have an old fridge in the basement…

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