40 thoughts on “Treasured Trees in Three

    • Thanks, Christine – am really fighting to get to grips with my new camera’s macro capabilities with varied success – must take Paxus up on their free lessons soon!

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  5. Even though I am ‘following’ your blog I haven’t been getting notifications via email so it looks like I have missed a lot alas – so sorry – I have clicked the button so hopefully yours will come back to my email.

  6. Are those eucalyptus trees, BB? We have groves in California, where I went to school, smelling delicious and looking magical (not me, the trees) – imports from Australia, I understand.

    • Hi Monica πŸ˜€

      No, these are a kind of cypress tree, often planted as windbreaks in the seaside towns of the state of Victoria.

      The fragrance of eucalyptus always reminds me of my paternal grandmother – she used to rub a eucalyptus-oil-based ointment, called Zam-Buk, on our chests (which always made us giggle) if we had flu or a chest infection as kids.

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