The View from Down Here – Fitness Level Zero

Sludge has been building in my veins and arteries, the accumulation of sitting for weeks on end – working, studying, watching the entire series of ‘Breaking Bad’…

If you don’t start moving, you’ll have a stroke, and die, or worse: and live.

That nagging inner voice kicked me out of bed this morning to tackle what my husband calls the ‘Three Hill Challenge‘ — a 5km route in our neighbourhood, which includes three hills.

Well, that’s hardly a challenge.

I thought I’d do Hill One only today (don’t want to overdo things, after so much sloth) – it looks like this from the bottom.


I don’t remember it being so steep.

That’s what happens when you don’t exercise – your memory goes.

I prefer the view from the top.


And on the way down 🙂


I skipped Hill Two, but Chrissy Hynde and The Pretenders got me up Hill Three – it’s a deceptive but-wait-there’s-more kind of hill.


I suppose it’s a start.

Have a great weekend, and keep moving. 😀

For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post.

31 thoughts on “The View from Down Here – Fitness Level Zero

    • Thanks, Charles 🙂 Now a friend’s got me doing 30-day exercise challenges – I think it’s something to do with being closer-to-death-than-birth-age, haha (aka mid-life crisis)

  1. I love Chrissy – what a great clip!

    Keep moving, that’s what I tell people all the time while I sit here surfing the web (lol). I’ve got to get back into sanding and painting before I seize up! 😉

  2. Hmmmm! This sounds achingly familiar. I have an innate prejudice against hills, any kind of hills, and/or stairs. Uphill treks require horse drawn wagons. However, you are inspiring me to move more in an upward direction on my own-at least out of this desk chair. 🙂 Fun post!

  3. The Duke of York went up the hill,
    And when he was up, he was up,
    And when he was down , he was down.
    When he was only half-way up
    The moment was very Zen. 😀

    The path to health begins with a doughnut( or bagel),
    And ends with a walk in nature.
    Take plenty of photos.

    Great post. Happy trails to you. 🙂

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