The Beauty Of It

Oliver Sacks is loving it. Frederick Wiseman forgets that he’s it. Ellen Langer thinks that it’s possibly nothing but a mindset.

In Japan, they know how to style it.


Ginza O-Fashionistas

Forget the Erololi, Ero-Kawaii and Gothic Lolitas of Akihabara, and the Cosplay kids of Harajuku; it was the quirky, fun and completely unselfconscious fashion sense of the older generation that stood out for me on the streets of Tokyo.


35 thoughts on “The Beauty Of It

    • I would say the ladies are on the young end of the older generation spectrum, M-R, probably in their 60s, but I saw a lady who I thought was probably in her 80s dressed in a bright purple corduroy pants and jacket suit and a beret – she looked amazing.

      • Just discovered your blog – thanks for following mine. I love Japan, and love when I’m there watching the people and their clothes. Wish I could replicate it. As someone around the age of these younger end of the older generation I love these clothes though unfortunately I don’t have the knees of the woman on the left so would have to add leggings to that one!

        • Thanks for popping in, Sue. 😀

          I love Japan, too and finally got there for the first time last year. Something that really stood out for me was the sense of style of the older women. I could have spent my entire holiday photographing them.

  1. The Oliver Sacks article is excellent as well. I haven’t heard of someone speak of old age with such hope and acceptance. It’s good to be reminded that no matter what age, we can learn, create, work, and still be better versions of ourselves. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. BB–What a wonderful post! I had read 2 of those articles, but hadn’t seen the Oliver Sacks essay. What profound thoughts! And your photo is a perfect addition. –Patti

    • Me too – but I was inspired by the older generation’s dress sense, and they certainly show how it can be something other than classic, or just plain frumpy.

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