Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

My maternal grandfather had many interests and hobbies: he studied the stars (astronomically, as opposed to astrologically), played the violin and loved photography, carrying his camera wherever he went.

I don’t know if he kept a journal, but if he did, it’s long lost; however, his insatiable curiosity about so many things–from people to architecture, to history, to nature–is well documented through the many photos (in slide form) that he took over his lifetime.

He worked as a mosaic tradesman and sometimes travelled from his hometown, Durban, South Africa, by ship up the east coast of Africa to do mosaic work on buildings in exotic places, such as Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) and Beira.

On one of these trips, he took my mum and brother along, documenting the journey with his lens.

I particularly love this photo that he took on the ship of my mum making bubbles for my brother. And I love my mum’s reaction to it: “Oh, what a silly young thing I was then.”


Photo by RIP © beeblu


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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. What flaming red hair your mum had back in the day. Soaking up some sun on a gorgeous blue sky day like that. Must have been a warm day. Those shots are a bit short… 😀

    • That was her natural colour back then, and the outfits she wore were very much the fashion of the day – she did some modelling, so was always fashionably dressed in these old photos. Her hair is now totally white, but it suits her 🙂

    • Thanks, Charles. 🙂

      I’m so fortunate to have my grandfather’s slides from all those years ago – I’m slowly converting them all to digital format.

  2. This is such a wonderful photograph. Your mom in white with THAT HAIR! and the blue sky, the blue shadows on deck. Lovely. You’ve inherited that good eye for form and color, BB.

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