A Sure Sign of Autumn in the Antipodes

On a windless day, a rustle in the plane tree on the verge…


..hmmm, the frangipani still has some buds and blooms…


..but the Tibouchina’s showing signs of an imminent purple explosion…


..and there’s that familiar plop followed by those chatty squawky squeaks…

..which can only mean one thing…

..I know you’re in there…




And who do you think’s going to clean up your Autumn feasting mess?


That’s your problem; I’m eating!


28 thoughts on “A Sure Sign of Autumn in the Antipodes

  1. Love that pink galah..(.our local birds are so drab in comparison, except, maybe for the male cardinal.) He/she seemed to like being photographed, and blessedly free from guilt at making a mess…!

    • They are quite cheeky, social birds, Cynthia, and are not particularly fussed by the presence of humans, unless one gets a bit too close. They make rather a mess, but as I tell my husband, who does go on about it :), it’s a biodegradable one that the rain will eventually wash away, so I don’t see the point in cleaning it up. 😀

  2. We had a tree at the end of the street that the galahs absolutely loved (and yes, don’t they make a mess…and a racket). One day, the neighbours cut it down. A few weeks later, I walked up the street to find a single galah standing on the road, staring at the place where the tree used to be with a “What the…?” look on its face. Still makes me laugh.

    And speaking of galahs, on my run this morning I passed a man out for a walk with a galah on his shoulder.

  3. If only the onset of autumn here in the other hemisphere, still months away, looked half as bright! Our autumn colours run the gamut from drab to very drab except for a short period of yellows and reds as the leaves change. But it’s spring now, so I shan’t whine.

    • Yes, Spring trumps everything. Although, I have seen some rather spectacular scenes in photos of Fall colours in North America and Canada of the trees turning. I would love to experience Boston, for example, first-hand in the Fall.

      • Boston? Ha! A Montreal wannabe when it comes to turning trees. I actually like Boston very much. But you need to come a little more north to see the real wonder of the foliage.

  4. What great photos … they really do look rather cheeky, don’t they? 🙂

    … my knowledge of birds is really quite pathetic. I would have called it a budgie. On the other hand, anything brightly coloured with a curved beak that we don’t have in Canada ends up being a budgie to me.
    How can I tell it’s a galah?

    • Thanks, Joanne. Budgies and galahs (a type of cockatoo) are different species of parrots, so they are similar looking. The pink and grey galah is a quite a bit larger than the average budgie and their beaks are more prominent.

      • I just learned several new things in there! Galahs are types of cockatoos and they’re all types of parrots!!
        The vast majority of our birds are variations of brown, so these colourful birds would be quite exciting for me to see 🙂

  5. What beautiful shots of an avian troublemaker! It’s like cleaning up after entertaining a crowd. I saw what you wrote about Boston in the fall. It is spectacular. I hope you get to see it.

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