Much Violence, Zero Harm

If I were a voodoo-hoodoo, my more annoying clients might experience the mysterious onset of a headache around 7:30 on a certain week night.

“Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good.”

Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

But the only violence I like is the kind that doesn’t hurt anything.


Chu-daiko and Shime-daiko

So Taiko is perfect. Thus far, we’ve learnt the basics of the Miyake and Yatai-bayashi  rhythms, fantastic workouts for the body, brain and voice.

18 thoughts on “Much Violence, Zero Harm

  1. I can see how really throwing yourself into the beat, rhythm, and energy of drumming can release stress, anger, frustration, … not to mention being a lot of fun. Sounds like a win-win …. well, except for the aforementioned headache 😉

    • What a setting that would make, Nancy. Our classes are housed in the bowels of an old warehouse complex, where we can’t disturb the neighbours.

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