Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season



Falls Creek is a ski resort in the Victorian Alps, Australia.

In the off-season (i.e. any time that’s not winter) it’s great for mountain-biking, fly-fishing and hiking, as well as high-altitude training for crazy extreme runners and cyclists.


Accommodation-wise, we’ve stayed at Husky Apartments and QT and can recommend both for couples, particularly if you want to self-cater most of the time.

Although many of the resort facilities are closed outside of the ski season, the local supermarket is open most days, and a few of the restaurants run skeleton staff – in our experience, the staff of Stingray and The Last Hoot do an excellent job.

Off-mountain in the area, afternoon tea at Treats in Tawonga South is a must. Run by a welcoming, energetic team, the café serves a wide variety of meals and cakes. And you can plan a flip at the local gliding club on the same day-trip (perhaps before you’ve eaten :mrgreen: ).


It’s the perfect place to give the lungs and the brain some fresh air.


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28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

    • Hi 🙂 It is a crazy landscape, covered in ghost trees from a devastating bush fire in 2003. Australia is a country of extremes, that’s for sure.

    • Thanks, Mabel. Gliding is not for the weak of stomach. I did a bit in South Africa (as a passenger, and allowed to take the controls once or twice) and it can certainly make one quite queasy. 🙂

    • It is, Dianne. We love it there in the off-season, although my husband would really like to give the slopes a go in the ski season :-). I’m hopeless at skiing – had one lesson a few years ago, but found the boots beyond uncomfortable, so am much happier hiking and cycling the mountains than attempting to ski them :-D.

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