Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse


Stylish in Shibuya

I’m lazy technically when it comes to photography. Part of the problem is that I have two sets of glasses and never seem to be wearing the right pair when I want to take a photo quickly. Which is frustrating because my muse is most certainly ordinary people, and for this reason the photography that I most enjoy is street photography, which requires spontaneity.

These lovely chaps cheekily photo-bombed me as I was taking photos down this street in Tokyo and then happily agreed to pose. Of course, my camera was on the wrong settings.

The other people-inspired form of photography that I love is portraiture, but I don’t get much time to do it these days. My good friend Kim is always a wonderful subject.


For incredibly beautiful and technically perfect portrait photography, see Joshi Daniel’s blog.

For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

  1. Very sporting trio of random people posing for you in Japan. Look at those smiling faces 😀 Lovely candid photo actually – I wouldn’t have thought you had the camera on the wrong settings at all. I find people on the streets hardest to photo. Funny feeling when they catch me pointing the camera at them 😀

    • They were good sports, Mabel. I tend to ask people in the street if I can take their photo, and have not been refused yet. If they are further away, I won’t ask, but if they caught me and objected, I would agree to delete the photo, even though one is not obliged to (in Australia, anyway).

  2. Hi BB. I admire your love of street photography and courage to capture people on the street! I am camera-shy–in terms of taking candid shots of people, but I’m trying to overcome it! I love your portrait of your friend. Gorgeous lighting.

  3. It’s great when our “subjects” cooperate. I’m a point and shoot photographer ~ who, at times, gets a cool shot!

    I like that top shot . . . a lot.

  4. Oh…I know that feeling of not having the “right” stuff with you for a photograph…I always have the wrong lens with me or the wrong camera…I think our Muses are teasing us. 🙂

  5. Check out those shoes in that top shot – what cool dudes they are! 😀

    I would love to do street photography, but there are very few street around where I live. Next time I go to the city, I’ll follow your lead 🙂

  6. I know what you mean about the glasses! I have two pairs of glasses two (well more if you include prescription sunglasses) and am forever changing them. I love both of your photos 😊

    • Thanks, Gabe. It’s the one thing that I really hate about getting older – the eye thing. I was told a long time ago that I wasn’t a candidate for contacts, but apparently there is new technology that changes this, so I should investigate it. My husband wears a contact for reading in one eye, and one for long distance in the other, which is ideal (apparently the brain adapts).

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