About 19 years ago, I spent two months working in Vancouver during the Summer but never got to Vancouver Island. However, in mid-November, I was fortunate enough to return to Vancouver  for work, and my brother said I absolutely must try and get to Vancouver Island and see the Butchart Gardens and Victoria. So on a gloomy, grey Fall day absolutely deluged with rain, I made the 90-minute ferry trip to the island, and, although I ran out of time to see Victoria, I managed to spend a wonderful few hours in the Butchart Gardens, an extraordinary place of beauty.


Butchart Gardens



32 thoughts on “Extraordinary

    • If you go, Charles, my advice is to do so via an organised tour that is all-inclusive and picks you up from your hotel in Vancouver. Much less costly that way. (And you’re more likely to get to the ferry on time. I missed the first one of the day by 5 minutes and had to wait 2 hours to get the next one. 😦 In the Summer, the ferries run more regularly.)

  1. Your photo is gorgeous! We visited Butchart Gardens about a month earlier than you, and I remember seeing that view. The light was wrong then though and the colors weren’t nearly as subtle and complex. I see why others called the place magical and enchanted and Mabel mentioned fairies.

  2. oh how beautiful. i’ve only ever visited Butchart Gardens once, in the winter – and it was a most memorable visit. it’s still on my mental ‘must return here one day when the flowers are blooming’ list. i am sure you had a great time, too. thanks for sharing.
    i am unable to leave the url link of that post, so trust it’s ok if i share the shortlink here, in case you’d like to see it. http://wp.me/p1hfki-4up

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