My husband and youngest niece are the most observant people I know, invariably picking up on details which other miss. (They should start their own detective agency). I’ve learnt to be more observant, particularly in nature, from them both. But I’m still no master at it.

I was so busy taking photos in the Butchart Gardens that I almost missed this wormhole in the hedgerow to another galaxy. 😀

Take care to notice the world around youTake care to notice the world around you.

Is it just my impression, or is technology making the human race less observant?

24 thoughts on “Careful

  1. Cool . . . a hedge with a view!

    When we’re connected, on line, and plugged in to technology, we may be disconnected, off line, and unplugged from “reality.”

  2. a wormhole indeed to an intimate galaxy – as to your question/observation about technology, I venture an unequivocal “yes”. It’s hard to observe the world around you while looking down at your device. It’s difficult to nurture an internal world while manipulating that device…

  3. I love the worm-hole! Don’t feel bad about almost missing it … they are deliberately hidden to make them hard to find and exploit 😉

    I’ve found that since I started to carry a camera, I’m considerably more observant than I’ve ever been … and I thought I was pretty good to begin with. It never ceases to amaze me at all the subtle details I’m noticing. Unfortunately I have neither the camera or the skill to capture even a fraction of it.

    • You make a good point about the camera fostering observation, Joanne. I suppose that carrying one can be both helpful and a distraction. I’ve often wondered whether, if I travelled to a place like Alaska, I would be brave enough to leave my camera at home and take just writing materials, so that I would be forced to observe and capture its beauty in another way altogether. Not sure that I would! 🙂

      • I know what you mean about wanting to capture something a different way. I’ve always envied people who carry sketch books and can express themselves with pencil strokes on a page.
        Obviously I’m not one of them!

    • To a large degree, I think so too, Jo. Ancient civilizations and even many of today’s rural and tribal communities can tell so much from the world around them – the stars, animal spoor, weather, etc – from observing it with their own eyes. But, on the upside, technology has made it possible for us to see things we could never observe with the naked eye – nano photography, the Hubble, etc.

  4. No imagination needed to know that people are less observant then in years past and that our technology is part and parcel to that becoming the norm. I am thankful to people like you who notice the ‘wormhole’ in the hedge. Wonderful photo! 🙂

  5. This is a wonderful wormhole 😀 I think technology has made us more observant. Since I’ve been taking photos I’ve noticed so many things I had never noticed before 😀

    • I’d love to slip through to that other life. 🙂 Sailing around the islands there for an extended period would be marvellous. You and Joanne (see previous comments) both make a valid point about how taking photos can make us more observant.

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