I’m in a city of 14.50 million

(give or take a few, including me)

souls. I know no-one

here. I’m a nano-human, a speck

in the smog. I make myself big

riding the subways with no-one

with light-coloured hair. No-one notices

the gweilo; the ghost-person, I think,

until I step into the deluge at Shanghai

Library, and a dark-haired

girl steps in time beside me,  her umbrella

banishing the rain, her words, my ghostliness

“Where are you going?

Can I take you there?”





28 thoughts on “Shanghai

    • Thanks, Gabe. It’s an amazing city. I walked 20kms in the 2 free days I had there (the rest was work) taking in as much as I could. Sensory overload. 🤓

    • I was there for work, GG, and, as a matter of fact, did think of you and asking you for some tips, but didn’t think you and your family would appreciate a blogger turning up on your non-blogging doorstep, as it were. 🙂

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