Vale Cynthia Jobin


On my return to blogging in April, I was deeply saddened to discover that one of my favourite poets of all time had died in December 2016.

Cynthia Jobin was a blogging friend and a masterful poet, whose art was superior in form, structure and rhythm. But what I love most in her work is the way she infused it with mischief. Her intellect and humour shines through her poetry.

Sadly, Cynthia’s WordPress site is no longer up. I hope her unpublished work will not be lost.

I will miss you, Little Old Lady. You were a beautiful light in the darkness.

9 thoughts on “Vale Cynthia Jobin

  1. This is beautiful, BB. I still remember hearing the news that Cynthia had died. It was a bit of a “What??” moment. I’m so sad her blog isn’t still up – it would have been so nice to go and revisit.

  2. It can affect one deeply to lose a blogging friend of many years. I still find myself looking for new posts for some of the ones I have lost, and then being reminded that they will post no more.

  3. I’m sorry that Cynthia is gone and I agree that her writings need to be preserved. She was certainly a lovely person…I will miss the interaction (even though it was brief). Note to self, spend more time with people…less time on work… Thank you for sharing.

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