Art for Dummies

Words fail me at the moment, so I’ve been doing a bit of postcard colouring instead, using the output as birthday and thank you cards.

Quite smudgy in places, but life is not lived by colouring between the lines.

14 thoughts on “Art for Dummies

  1. Beautiful postcards you coloured, BB. Looks like you have been very creative with the pencils, and quite a few designs too. There is something very calming about colouring and giving it personality through the different shades. Like Nancy, I like the jellyfish 🙂

    • The Hub is the best! He framed your first attempt: that is love. When I brought my first mosaic attempt home, a beautiful (well, I thought so) bee, my hub said, “That’s quite a wasp”. 🤣

  2. Words can fail, and I like these whimsical creations very much. And of course your last line lets us know the failure is not complete. I look forward to many more interesting words from you.

    • Thanks, Monica.

      A friend bought me a beautiful set of colouring pencils and a set of khokis for my birthday a couple of years ago, but I’ve only really started doing it regularly this year. The colouring postcards come in many different themes and designs, so every one is a new challenge and a lot of fun. 😘

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