In February, this little creature came into our lives.



Born in early November last year, he arrived from the breeder a bit worse for wear: our local vet confirmed he was underweight and treated him for an evidenced flea infestation and a suspected case of worms.


Little Mangy Mouse

But with lots of TLC (not to mention sleep and food)…

..he’s thriving.

Such a funny, sweet creature, who chirrups and chats away. Considering Mainecoons can reach up to 16kg, let’s hope he stays that way 🙂 .

15 thoughts on “emoji-San

  1. I had a Maine Coon mix for 16yrs. He was a rescue and the love of my life, who talked to me all the time and mimicked me when I rolled my “r’s”. I said he was speaking cat Spanglish. Your guy is beautiful and will become quite big but they are a special breed, these cats, and I am happy for you.

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