Look Up

bb - lu1

Concealed in the sameness
the faded blue suit
Clark Kent by day
Who cares, who cares to look?

But out there
when darkness falls
it’s kite-flying breathtaking riddles
out of dayshadows, an infinite teasing
of zetetic minds
unphysics exploding:

The Universe
ultimate mystery man.


I’ve had the good fortune to travel to Shanghai twice in the last 6 months for work. On my most recent trip there, I was lucky enough to be shown around by wonderful hosts, and so I got to see the some of the incredible architecture in the Pudong area for the first time.


This is the interior of the Shanghai Grand Hyatt hotel from the top floor, a view not for the fainthearted.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

I’ve lived in Sydney for longer than the annual Vivid festival’s been going, but this year is the first time I went down to the Harbour to take a look. It’s fabulous, the atmosphere, the music and the visual splendour. Tonight’s the last night, so if you’re in Sydney and you haven’t been yet, get rugged up, and head to Vivid tonight for a wonderful evening.


Museum of Contemporary Art, Circular Quay, Sydney

For those of you who couldn’t make it, you might be interested in these Vivid 2015 videos from YouTube.

Customs House

Sydney Opera House

Museum of Contemporary Art

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

A Moon Mosaic

Moon Mosaic

I meet two girlfriends every few weeks in the city for a quick dinner and a movie. On Wednesday night, the weather was unseasonably warm, so it was wonderful out, and the big-faced moon took my breath away, hanging there in the sky, shining its magic over the water.


Five wonderful works of art from this week’s WPC:


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

I'm a night person - chronotype: late

I’m a night person – shadows and light – chronotype: late

What chronotype are you?


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These Vagabond Shoes

Promenade Plantings


Broken Light: A Photography Collective

The Quotidian Diary


Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity

bb-inf2When riding the Domain Car Park’s travelator late last Thursday evening, I felt as if I was moving toward some secret portal from which I’d be puffed out into the deepest ocean, or some faraway galaxy. Add to this a lone skateboarder on the travelator hurtling towards us at great speed, giant snails in the park, and dirty laundry hanging in the streets and I began to think we’d fallen down the wormhole of infinite surrealism.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Macquarie University Train Station

Macquarie University Train Station

Macquarie University is the only university in Sydney that has its own train station. Under the stewardship of former vice-chancellor Professor Steven Schwartz, the university has undergone significant modernization and growth, particularly in the area of research in medicine and the hearing sciences. And we now have a fabulous new library, what is termed a sustainable building, which makes assignment research (something I’m meant to be doing right this minute :-D) a pleasure.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

bb-fp1I greatly admire people who reinvent ordinary everyday things as something revolutionary or breathtakingly wonderful. Parisian architect Jean Nouvel, French artist and botanist Patrick Blanc, and Australian landscape architect Keith Stead are three such people.Without their wonderful ideas and collaboration, One Central Park in Sydney might be just another (albeit luxury) residential apartment building.  However, when finished, OCP will don the world’s tallest vertical garden.

Now, that’s fresh!

(A bit of nominative determinism in the case of Mr Nouvel, perhaps? ;-))

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Chronicles of Illusions
(getting up early does have its rewards, Nancy ;-))


Lucid Gypsy

Stories of the Wandering Feet and Mind

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

“Old and rare books!”, we gasped in reverent unison,bb-l14

as we swerved off course, making a bee-line for the shop window.


“Don’t open ’til ten”, a chap behind us on the pavement drawled, the smoke from his early morning cigarette curling around his smile. He’d obviously seen our type before.

My niece and I were in Melbourne, relishing some girl-time. The day before we had spent a wonderful day at the Melbourne Museum, where we immersed ourselves in a shared love of all things scientific –

the wild,


the weird,


OK then, the weird…


..and the seriously mind-boggling.


This day we would spend the morning traversing Melbourne’s laneways, indulging our love of shopping, architecture and art,


and the afternoon marvelling at the mysterious workings of commercial harbours (Melbourne’s has quite a colourful history but I doubt that any internet resource can provide an as wry and amusing and account as our ferry driver did  :lol:).bb-l16

But about that bookshop – we made a mad dash back before closing time
and what a treasure trove it is – an extraordinary collection of enthralling books,


watched over


by the largest collection of owls I’ve ever seen –


they are everywhere, roosting in glass cases,


on pelmets, in windows and on bookshelves,


and have been mysteriously multiplying for the 47 years that Kay Craddock, the bookshop’s owner, has been in business.

But Old and Rare Books was nearing closing time and we were fading fast – a love of chocolate chocolate addiction is in our genes and we hadn’t had our Koko Black fix for the day,


so, after a quick purchase for the love of my life, we exited this wonderful place.

My niece and her husband were with us for three weeks over the 2012/2013 Festive Season: a wonderful and extremely precious time. We don’t know when we’ll see each other again; we live on different continents. But a myriad of shared interests and the deepest bonds of love keep us connected.

😀 😀 😀

More about Melbourne

Food recommendations from our trip:

Koko Black (of course!)

City Wine Shop (don’t let the name fool you – this establishment is not all about wine: their food is quite delicious – and their desserts are sublime!)


Longrain – the duck salad (which we shared) was superb, as was the banana and lime sorbet- yum, yum.

And for excellent photos of Melbourne, head over to Leanne Cole’s blog – mine can never do Melbourne justice the way that Leanne’s most certainly do.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Sydney Opera House and City Skyline ©beeblu

Five favourites from this week






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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

The next
train due to depart
platform 3
goes to

first stop – Gliese 581 g,
then all stations to Kepler-22b

*** And thanks to Jo Bryant for this award ***

When it comes to rules, I’m a bit like you, Jo, but I’ll join you for some pirate tea 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Have been a bit snowed under this week, so haven’t written any poetry, nor read any blogs – have a lot of catching up to do this weekend…

In the meantime, here’s my contribution to this week’s photo challenge: different views looking up at the Sydney Opera House that I took a while ago with that archaic thing known as a film SLR 🙂

What a view there must be from up there

I’ve used the (damaged) photo below before for my poem Sometimes which I posted back in May but which fits in quite nicely with the ‘Up’ theme, too

Happy weekends, Fellow Bloggers 🙂

A slice of a Sydney weekend

Breakfast at Via Del Corso?

mmm, not quite breakfast

that’ll do the Man

fruit fit for bees

it’s a beautiful day for a boat show

to play tourist and reflect on the harbour

and the city

do some shopping

don’t forget to buy The Big Issue

(step away from the cupcakes!)

have lunch

spicy chicken laksa

and head off to friends to watch the rugby