Divine Dementia

So many days
we are beyond bereft

at some ancient
god’s puzzled mumbles
beneath the night lamp,

his tremulous finger-fumbles
with jigsaw fragments
of our lives,

his fearful look of surprise
at the countless missing pieces
of his Master Plan,

unaware of the devil dog
chewing at his feet.






(one-sided) conversations with Sir Richard

I concur that you are a brilliant man
(not some selfish gene flash-in-the-pan)
so I’d like a rational discussion with you
re your rationale I find somewhat askew

While I’m fundamentally with your position on God
I find your fundamentalism disturbingly odd
Yes, I was importunately sermonised in my youth
but would never label it child abuse

There are many true victims of that aberration
which has little to do with attempted ‘salvation’

Beyond belief

You believe in God: I don’t.
You believe the world will end; it won’t.
You think natural disasters a biblical sign
of prophecies realised; it’s all in your mind
Armageddon is imminent! Just another illusion
of humankind’s profligate self-delusion
All this stuff leaves me mourning inside
for a mother lost, and a brain unwired.

And here we still are some decades on
the world’s still here, the sun’s still warm
we’ve agreed to disagree, (well, not you, but me)
on matters of religion and philosophy
as the years flew past my realisation grew
your heart is gold and like the adult me, you
just needed to find deeper meaning to life
than the earthly tedium of being mother and wife
so what does it matter to whom you  pray
as long as it helps you survive the day.