Blurb blurble bloop… Help! One-Sentence Biography Competition

I’m trying to get my first poetry book completed and self-published on Blurb. One of the elements I’m still missing is a short blurb/biography about me in relation to poetry – I don’t want to write this myself, and if I asked anyone in my family or non-blogging circle of friends, I’d get something along the lines of:

“‘x‘ is my ‘insert relation type here‘ – she writes poetry, but I’ve got no idea what she’s on about.

So I’m looking for some help from you—the esteemed Blogging community (how’m I doing on the sycophantic flattery front?) for something short, and not necessarily serious, and thus am holding a one-sentence biography competition: 

Post your entries in the comments section of this post.

I will include the kindest best ones on the front flap and may include any snide irreverent blooper blurbs on the back, all attributed of course.



Don’t be silly! We all know poetry books don’t sell!

The winner will, however, receive a mystery prize. 😉

If a tree falls in the woods…

I broke my only rule for this blog, which was to never post anything other than poetry here,
and let’s just say (euphemistically so) that it didn’t quite work out.

But, as someone once said –

One must suffer for one’s art.
(Or was that, “One must suffer one’s art”?  🙂 )

Poetry does not require an audience but a competition requires a winner  (usually) and, as yet, and maybe forever, this one has none. However, in the interests of fairness and squareness, not to mention officialdom, it must be properly concluded with a closing date,
winner or no.

So, the closing date for the Easter egg hunt (sort of) competition

is midnight 8th May, 2011 (Sydney, Australia time)

Best wishes


and, now, back to what I came here for…

One does not love a place the less for having suffered in it unless it has all been suffering, nothing but suffering.”

Jane Austen, Persuasion