Canine Fictions

My S-I-L Belinda has an eye for the interesting, the beautiful and the absurd and takes the most wonderful photos.

I love this photo of hers and thought it the perfect match to a poem that I wrote for Gabrielle Bryden’s Close Shaves Week. Thanks, B. 🙂

photo - bps - cat

Photo by Belinda Price-Sinclair

the neighbour’s dog
has a lot
to say in the morning.

I imagine he entertains
the Vox Dogz with tales
of victorious nocturnal stoushes
with the white cat from across the road:
“A face like a chook’s bum
I tell ya rrrrhahahaharuffruff “

But I’ve seen him run
at the sight of her.


 (Look, Tilly, no commas! 🙂 )

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Once a yearon our 9-hour coastal journey south

we stop off for breakfast

at Narooma’s Quarterdeck Marina

home of fabulous retro kitsch

and the breakfasts of intrepid travellers

if a sudden gust blows in
fried-egg antimacassars

Travelling Dogs

On the 600km journey –


she looks at flowers and clouds,

he computes mileage per litre,

she ponders the secrets of cows,

he remarks that it might storm later…


She sees the wire-pig mailbox,

he spies a snake on the road,

he surveys flood-plain paddocks,

she wonders if cows talk in code…


He thinks perhaps ‘Box of Frogs’,

she’d prefer peace for a while,

both laugh at the travelling dogs,

their windblown ears and their smiles.