Weeky Photo Challenge: Good Morning, Big 5Oh!

bb-gm1bb-gm3“If one is lucky enough to be blessed with good health, growing older shouldn’t be something to complain about. It’s not a surprise, we knew it was coming−make the most of it.”

Betty White

“Just remember that a 6-year-old would get tired from doing a lot of what you do. I don’t see no 6-year-olds walking the golf course! Hell no!”

My niece Jayde


Like any self-preserving 50-year-old, I partied yesterday so I could have today to recover

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


A peek inside a guest house we escaped to for a bit of R&R with friends a couple of weekends ago.

Our men are all wizzes in the kitchen, so us girls left them to it, and relaxed next to a roaring fire in the marvellous library.

Our men are all wizzes in the kitchen, so us girls left them to it, and relaxed next to a roaring fire in the marvellous library.

They didn't disappoint.

The chefs didn’t disappoint.


Is the scent

of an ancestor’s skull kicked
down a bush runway –
an elephant remembers

bones and dust,

the echo of hyena
comedy nights, jaws
on buffalo bones

chalk and dust,

a tall silhouette beyond the runway
a blind man – inhales the dusk
for ghost-lions
before crossing to light
the camp fire

blood and dust

in the dark, leopards
gaze at embers
of an ancient story

fate throws the bones,
a plane flies

into a hillside

flesh and blood,
bones and dust,

and creosote.

Unsung Heroes

in the riots of  ’76,

in the shadows of ’77,

through the dark and bitter end:

Not sacrificing themselves
for a cause,

these ordinary men,

just rescuing
our hopes,
one act at a time.

Photo by RIP - © beeblu

Photo by RIP – © beeblu

The Writer’s Desk – A Challenge from Spirit Lights the Way

I rarely write poetry bb-wd01

 at my desk –

but prefer cafes,




wide open spaces,






whispering places –


and on dark, stormy nights,

my bed,

next to cheeky faces




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Search Engine Poetry: Sweet Planet Poems

She was the first blogger to make me laugh out loud, by asking me, on my About page, whether I was a man or a woman  – the question astounded me and was the beginning of my appreciation of the mind-altering value of blogging: the way others perceive us is often so different from the way we see ourselves.

Insightful and multi-talented, Monica of Sweet Planet Poems is one of my oldest blogging friends – and how grateful I am that she has stayed the distance! 🙂 She has a delightful sense of humour, a rare generosity of spirit and a passion for the natural world that infuses her enchanting blog and publications.

She is a tireless campaigner for the protection of wolves in their natural habitat and shares their mystique in her wonderful poems, videos and photos many of which she creates on her frequent trips to Yellowstone National Park.

Monica has woven this delightful found poem in response to my Search Engine Poetry Challenge – I see it as a mirror of all the good in her heart (even the “picking up dog poop” line. :-D)


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Thanks for participating, dear Monica